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2017 CCW Winter Conference & Expo Agenda

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2016 CCW Winter Post Show Report

Today's customers expect service on their own terms – whenever they need, in whatever digital channel they want. When these needs are unmet, there can be increasing customer churn, escalating operating costs and decreasing shareholder value.

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#1 Technology In Demand for Contact Centers

We spoke with 8 contact center leaders and asked them:
“What would you invest in if you had a BLANK CHECK?”

Q&A with 5 C-Level Executives

Read the Exclusive Q & A with 5 C-Suite Executives from CenterPoint Energy, FIS Global Retail Payments, NOLA 311, DirectBuy, and Crisis Response Network. Discover what innovative ideas they are working on and walk away with insight required to improve your current operation.

CCW Winter Executive Report: The Future of the Contact Center

Transformation is the name of the game when it comes to contact center strategy. From the types of interactions it handles, to the channels in which it engages customers, to the way it measures performance, the contact center is constantly transforming.

From the Experts

Are "effortless" and "human" customer experiences complementary or contradictory? Experts from Pitney Bowes, Pandora, and MONI weigh-in.

New Exclusive: Mrs. Fields On What Matters Most When Serving Customers

“Gamechangers” within the customer experience space can take many forms. They can be organizations that use cutting-edge technology when serving customers. They can be businesses that employ creative best practices when developing contact center strategy.

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2017 CCW Winter Showguide

Are you facing a key challenge – How do you automate and personalize at the same time? Congratulations on attending CCW Winter to discover how to lead CX in the digital future by HUMANZING customer service.


Executive Report on Customer Engagement

Download the free report, get answers to the below questions, and ensure you can deliver next-generation customer engagement:
  • What are the most important factors when engaging today’s customers?
  • Which types of engagement are considered part of the “journey?”
  • Are different business departments really “aligned” when it comes to customer engagement?
  • How are businesses faring when it comes to the “omnichannel revolution?”
  • What have companies like Quicken, Vodafone, Akbank, and Mint Bills done to create next-generation engagement?

Executive Report on the Customer Experience

This report enable you to transition from talking about an ambiguous concept of the customer experience to enacting a clear, well-designed, results-driven plan for achieving actual improvement.

Executive Report on Contact Center Technology

Contact center technology represents a high - priority investment area, but it need not be costly for your business.  This report provides what you need to understand the marketplace, identify key challenges, benchmark against your peers and determine which solutions you should pursue.

Executive Report on Performance

This guide provides insight into real solutions - backed by expert thought leadership and real - world case studies - that can meaningfully improve contact center performance.

8 Things Contact Center Leaders Must Do in 2017

The contact center is the gateway to the customer experience, if not the business.  It is the medium through which businesses and customers connect.  If elevating the customer experience is a priority, so too is optimizing the contact center operation.

Read the article to find out 8 Things Contact Center Leaders Must Do in 2017

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2015 CCW Conference & Expo Event Trailer

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2017 CCW Winter Sponsorship Prospectus

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CCW Winter 2017 Event Report

CCW Winter 2017 Event Report


How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow

Chip Conley, Global Head of Hospitality & Strategy for Airbnb and best selling author of Peak & Emotional Equations explains how to understand the motivations of employees, customers, bosses, and investors, and uses that understanding to foster better relationships and build an enduring and profitable corporate culture.

Cut the Red Tape!

Dustin Laun, Tech Entrepreneur and Sr.Advisor of Innovation/Technology and co-creator of the FCC’s Consumer Help Center for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) shares his award winning story of  modernizing technology and customer support in the largest organization of them all: the federal government.

Omnichannel Journeys: Lessons from CX Leaders

Mary Beth Jenkins, Senior Vice President,COO of UPMC Health Plan and Troy Mills, Vice President Customer Care for Walgreens presents “Omnichannel Journeys: Lessons from CX Leaders.”

Win the Customer: Simple Rules for Sensational Service

FlavioMartins, VP of Operations for DigiCert Inc. presents “Win the Customer: Simple Rules for Sensational Service.”

In today’s competitive business world, it’s almost inevitable that businesses will face the accommodation of their products or services. 

This presentation focused on how you can distinguish yourself from the dozens of nearly indistinguishable competitor products and services. 

Redefine Customer Service: Lessons Learned from a Powerhouse Viral Brand

Janet Song, Chief Customer Officer for Dollar Shave Club presents “Redefine Customer Service: Lessons Learned from a Powerhouse Viral Brand.” 

Our industry disruptor shared lessons learned in transforming an industry including the importance of Defining your CS Experience. 


So You Think You Are Doing Great…. Until You Ask Others

Jason A. Goodroe, 2nd Vice President, Customer Service Center for Aflac presents “So You Think You Are Doing Great…Until You Ask Others.”

This pavilion session focused on the story behind why and how Aflac assessed and enhanced their contact center.

The Mathematics of Pleasure and Pain (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ignore CTU)

1.      Eric Lange, VP Customer Experience at Flipkart, presents “The Mathematics of Pleasure and Pain (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ignore CTU.”  Learn how Flipkart threw out the book on customer service metrics and began measuring and optimizing for pain and delight from the customer perspective.  

Effort Reduction Execution - Create Purposeful and Predictive Customer Experiences

1.      Matt Dixon, Group Leader of CEB and author of The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty presents “Effort Reduction Execution – Create Purposeful and Predictive Customer Experiences.

Find out why the truest test of loyalty is when something goes wrong! 

Go Slow to Go Fast: How to Drive Sustainable Change in Large Organizations

      Christopher B. Smith, Executive Vice President & Head of Global Operations for Metlife presents “Go Slow to Go Fast: How to Drive Sustainable Change in Large Organizations. 

Find out how MetLife’s Global Operations division harnesses the power of knowledge sharing communications, and employee empowerment to build a culture of trust and drive sustainable change through the organizations.  

Team Member Engagement - Your Key Customer Centricity

George Larribas, Head of Treasury Management Client Delivery for Wells Fargo Bank presents"Your Key Customer Centricity,” about creating a customer centric engaged culture.